Kart Storage

For Karting Members;

AMP will offer storage for karts at a monthly rate and a “racking fee.” This service will offer the driver the ability to arrange in advance to have their kart ready. Two days notice would be appreciated.

Kart Storage is $75 per month or $750 per year

  • In addition, for $25 each session, un-racking from storage, we take your Kart to the track and it will be waiting on your arrival. No work is done on the Kart.
  • Or alternately, for $55 each session, un-racking from storage, we install 1 gal of mixed gas, check tire pressures and clean the Kart. We will review all areas of the karts for any apparent issues or nuts and bolts loose. It is the owners responsibility to continually review the karts for issues or nuts and bolts that have worked loose while running. Your Kart will be taken to the track and waiting on your arrival.
  • A fee of $30 will be assessed to an un-racking charge if your kart or equipment is stored in an AMP garage or your own personal trailer located on the AMP facility.
  • When done, both services include re-racking your Kart as is, unless any maintenance or repairs noted will be offered and approved by the owner at an additional charge.

Contact  KartStorage@100mphlunch.com

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