Kart Storage

AMP Karting Members

AMP will offer storage for karts at a monthly rate of $75 per month and a $55 or $25 “racking fee” based on the level of service you desire. This racing service has two levels to offer.

  • Kart Storage is $75 per month or $800 per year if paid in full.
  • The pro level concierge service is $55 each time the kart is racked. This service includes one gallon of fuel, the mix oil added to the fuel, chain lubricated, nuts and bolts tightened, cleaning of kart, review for service or parts needed. If service outside of those items are needed, it will be billed at $55 per hour, plus parts. It is the owners responsibility to continually review the karts for issues or nuts and bolts that have worked loose while running. Your Kart will be taken to the track and waiting on your arrival.
  • Basic level service is $25 each session, un-racking from storage, we take your Kart to the track and it will be waiting on your arrival. No work is done on the Kart.

Contact KartStorage@100mphlunch.com


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