Vega Sprint Nationals Update

Vega Nationals Update

AMP Karting Members and Friends,

We have created quite a buzz throughout the karting industry with our announcement of the $12,000 Vega Nationals Oct. 4-6 at AMP.  As we prepare for the race we have been consulting with the National Karting organizations to insure our rules and regulations are compatible to insure no major kart modification would be required to compete in the Vega Nationals.  We have determined our front brake rule option will need to be revised.  Therefore the new rule will be as follows:

Effective immediately:

Change:  Add 20 lbs. for front wheel brake karts

With:  Front wheel brakes are not allowed in any class with the exception of shifter karts.  All shifter karts are required to have four wheel braking systems.  Front and rear systems must operate independently of each other. 

All other classes rear brakes only.

Dual system rear wheel brakes will be allowed in all other classes.  If dual system rear wheel brakes are used, two independent master cylinders are required, but they may not be hydraulically linked.  The two independent master cylinders may operate two calipers on one rear disk.  In all cases, one system shall remain fully operational if the other system fails.  If a bias control is used, it must allow proper operation of one system if the other system fails. 

In addition Vega recently introduced a new tire, designated the Vega FH tire.  Since this tire is going to be the National tire of 2014 we wanted to introduce it for the Vega National Event. We still will have the Vega XH available until demand is reduced.  Therefore, we are making the following revision:

Effective with the August 10th race, the Vega FH tire will be legal in all classes.  The Vega FH will be the spec tire for the Vega Sprint Nationals to be held at AMP in October.  By making the change now, it allows AMP karters the opportunity to practice and race for two months before the event.  The current spec Vega XH tires will also be legal for the August and September events.  The Vega FH tire sets have a Racer price of $211 and will be discounted to $200 per set for the introductory period.  The Vega XH tires will continue to be available for $175.00 per set. We will leave the XH-green tires at $175.00 for the AMP members and AMP racers. The FH compound is the tire we are using nationwide in 2014. The Vega FH is easier to mount and provides approximately the same grip level as the XH compound.  Durability has increased with the FH to increase life with extended heat cycles not affecting the performance. We want to give you, the AMP racer and member, the option of using either tire for convenience.

If you have any questions about these revisions, please call me.  We have received interest from several new competitors for our next race, Saturday, August 10th.  So get those entries in and get those karts tuned up.  Please let Bret or me know if you need tires or parts.  Also do not forget to check the following sites for updates on the Vega Nationals.  

Thanks,   Jim Fry   404-275-1787