Revised Conditions at AMP Notification

A new revised feature has been added to our Home page in the right sidebar, Headed “Conditions at AMP”!

Below it you will see Green, yellow or red light with verbiage, any closings noted below and a
current weather information box below. Since multiple activities on the Car and Kart Circuits
and the Club may require different notifications, we are revising  this notification as follows:


AMP is Open!     green-light

This means all scheduled” activities are a go at AMP.
Any closings deviating from schedule will be noted here and or on Facebook!

For Example:

Rental Karts closed.. or
Car Circuit closed for maintenance..



Marginal, call 678.381.8527
for an update or note
closings below!


This means bad weather or other variable conditions or maintenance work etc. might delay activities,
so please call 678.381.8527 for an update or closings will be noted here and on Facebook!



AMP is Closed!     red-traffic-light

This means that all scheduled activities are cancelled for the day.



We ask that you check this notification prior to making a trip to AMP and bookmark the Event Schedule for cross reference. We will do our utmost to post updates in a timely manner.

Regards and thanks…. Atlanta Motorsports Park Management