Paul Walker & Roger Rodas Rememberance Charity Cruise


Paul Walker & Roger Rodas Remembrance and Toys-4-Tots Cruise will begin be held at Gwinnett Braves Stadium (Coolray Field) 12:00pm , and end at Atlanta Motorsports Park (AMP).

There will be a $5 per car donation cover. All donations will go to Reach Out Worlwide Foundation.

We will be collecting toys for Toys-4-Tots as well. Please bring minimum of 1 unwrapped toys to donate. Toy is encouraged, but not required.$5 cover will cover your entrance and donation, please feel free to donate more if you can. All proceeds will be sent to his Charity, Reach Out Worldwide to continue on what both of them started. 

Location: Coolray Field/Gwinnett Braves Stadium,  1 Braves Ave, Lawrenceville, GA

Date: Dec 15th, 2013 Sunday

Time: 12:00 PM Roll in, 1:30 PM Roll out, on cruise by 2:00PM 

Route: To be given at location We are still trying to secure location so please be patient. 

Arrival: Starting at 12:00pm 1 car 1 parking spot, no constant revving, speeding/peeling through the location. Please listen to event staff. Violator will be escorted off. Once you arrive, please check in. You will need to come to the check-in table, sign the Cruise Disclaimer, and then Route map/Sticker will be given to you. Place that neon sticker on your driver side windshield. That will let us know who is part of the cruise and who isn’t.

Staging will begin at 1:15 PM, and wheels rolling by 1:30pm. Goal is to be out by 2:00pm. This cruise will have a Police Escort for us to safely exit the location and enter the Highway. Once on Highway, please don’t drive like you are in Fast & Furious, and obey the speed limits.

This is a memorial Cruise. Lets make it memorial and go down the memory lane as a good memory. We don’t need any negative attention. If you see cars with camera, more than likely it’s our Media car. Please give it way, and don’t do anything stupid. Remember it is being filmed, and we can get asked to hand it over.

This is a cruise to remember Paul & Roger, not a excuse to act irresponsible. People displaying acts of reckless driving will be asked to leave for safety of others.

Items to bring:

  • 2 way radio/walkie-talkie, extra batteries
  • Fully charged phone, along with a car charger.
  • Full tank of gas
  • Camera
  • Most of all, good spirit to enjoy, remember, and give to those who aren’t so fortunate as us this holiday season.

BRG Towing, one of our sponsors, will be backing up the cruise, and on stand by to provide support promptly.

For more information and updates, please go to: Event Facebook Page

Please spread the word !!