Motorcycle Event at AMP

Courtesy of AMP member Jim Ray, Pro Superbike riders Huntley Nash and Nate Kern as well as a group of other bikers rode Atlanta Motorsports Park.  Comments were, “Wow, amazing, all the things we heard about AMP are just not true. What a track. Amazing to train on. A consolidation of many of the most famous turns from tracks around the world. A little of everything.”

A teaser gallery of the day. Starts out with a track walk for familiarization and ends with some fun with a son. All images courtesy of  Ian Gaffner IGTrackPhotos

To view many more pictures taken , please Click Here…

A video of  Two Up following Nate Kern and a few solo laps on my R6…Ian Gaffner :


Some comments from the riders to AMP member Jim Ray:


Hey Jim,

Thank you- it was awesome.. Here is some feedback:

When we first arrived at the track and I saw the layout from pit row I was
thinking “I brought the wrong bike” and I should have brought a Motard.
However after the first session I perceived the track just as Jim and Nate
recommended, an excellent training opportunity.  Throughout the morning and
early afternoon our pace picked up to where the excitement level matched or
even exceeded experiences from Road Atlanta and Road America- big tracks.
By the end of the day I didn’t want to leave, in fact we even rode the last
session- traditionally not something we do.  Given the opportunity I would
drop everything and load up the bike to ride down there again, and am
actually considering a membership in the future. 

AMP is the closest track to Chattanooga, most technical that I know of in
this region, and the facilities were premium.  I’ve had a couple calls from
our customers who attended and all of them said the same thing, they loved
the track, the proximity to Chattanooga is great, and the facility was
excellent….all of them would like to ride there again.


Justin Prann
Pandora’s European Motorsports

 I’ve been on motorcycles my entire life, track riding for 11 years, and have been on most of the tracks east of the Mississippi.  AMP is unquestionably the most unique due to its tremendous elevation changes and technical layout.  It reminds me of the best mountain roads I’ve ridden only without the dangers of daydreaming motorists and unpredictable road surfaces.  I thoroughly enjoyed riding AMP and hope I’ll get the opportunity to ride there again! 

Dave Pisak

 It was a great day.  Very challenging track, but fun to ride once I got the hang of it.  Great facilities as well.  Invite me back…

BMW Motorrad USA
Gary A. Busch
New Dealer Development Manager
Dealer Development Department

Incredible experience top to bottom. Without a doubt the most technical and physically demanding course I have ever ridden. I am far from experienced on the track, but have come up through the largest of track-day clubs from beginner to advanced groups, enjoying dozens of track-days all over the southeast. I was awed by AMP from pit road.

Not a place for large groups with varied skillsets, the AMP circuit rode more like a skills-enhancement/exposure exercise….humbling me at many points. The morning track-walk was essential as I was able to feel the course and realize the potentials of my inexperience in areas, before wheels rolled. Focus and patience looms large.

The facility was first-class, and environmental consciousness was present throughout. Everything seemed to work in harmony with the natural landscape which made the track itself even better in my opinion. I felt pretty honored to be one of a few people able to take in the whole place Monday. I certainly left wanting more time there and would never turn down the chance to return. 

Thank you Jim….it is a true highlight of my time on a motorcycle.

Dave Semian

 Hello Jim,

I saw Dave P’s notes and ditto.  I’ll add my opinion on Pros/Cons using what I know from Control Riding  (a year with NESBA).

The track is tight/technical for new riders if clubs were to do track days and fill the grid with enough riders.  I understand why you and Nate limited the size of the groups.
-And I don’t have the cash to buy the diamond package membership (LOL)
-Very nice facility, location, layout, design, etc.
-Track is TECHNICAL:-))))))
-Great surface (my tires like that)
-This track can quickly humble the fastest guys and doesn’t favor big bikes… it’s an even playing field for all bikes
-The best track I’ve been at if you want to learn, sharpen your skills regardless of level
-For small groups of bikes, this is the best track that I’ve seen in our area

Again, thank you for the invite and would absolutely do it again given the opportunity:-)

Said (Si) A. Maroun
President, Cert. Black Belt & Lean Champion
AES-Advanced Executive Strategies

Hey Jim – 

Thanks for taking those photos and posting them.You can pass to AMP that I thought they had a great facility, and all the staff we encountered were great.  I passed some comments to Nate about the track, but basically just agreed with what he said about it being challenging, but treated with respect was a great treat to ride. 

Thanks for the pix and regards.. Ted Clough