James Carnes’ birthday celebration

James Carnes’ birthday celebration at AMP!

Sweet birthday surprise rides for James – his prized mustang makes a celebrity appearance! What a wonderful wife and bunch of friends he has.

With Trip, Zeke, Jeremy and Naomi:

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A video of this special day. From the video excerpt:

My name is Barbara Carnes, my husband, James Carnes and I live here in Dawson County. James has a special story and I would like to lay it out for you, it’s kind of long, but I feel this would be well worth your reading.

My husband had a Hot Rod Mustang and his dream was to take it around your motorsport park. Tragically his dream ended on November 17, 2011, when James broke his neck diving into the ocean while we were on vacation. We were on a Carnival cruise and because the accident didn’t happen on the ship they refuse to let us re board, when they evaluated him and noticed that he had no feeling below his chest. James, his cousin and I were left stranded in Mexico, we didn’t speak the language and had no clue where and how we were going to get him treatment. After negotiating an ambulance ride for $1600 (cash only) to Cancun ( and might I add that if we did not come up the $1600 he was just going to be left on the dock to die). James endured a 5 hour ride to a hospital in Cancun, where they wanted $6500 before they would let us even out of the ambulance. To shorten the story a little James had broken his neck at C6-C7 and was life flighted back to the States to Grady hospital where he was admitted via the Level 1 Trauma unit. 28.5 hours after the accident James went in for a 5 hour surgery to fuse his neck for C4-T1. James is now considered a Quadriplegic, and has a 10% chance to walk(due to the amt of time it took to get him help), although he does have use of both arms.

For the last 7 months James has been through hours and hours of challenging rehabilitation. We have had to close his business that he was the owner operator of and sell everything, including his most loved Hot Rod Mustang. James 42nd Birthday is coming up on July 25th and I would love nothing more to see him dream come true by him getting to ride in his Mustang (that he sold to a close friend) as a passenger around your track. As I mention before James has worked extremely hard and has done exceptionally well in therapy. With that being said he is also ready to transition out of his power wheelchair into a manual chair. This is a HUGE step in his rehabilitation. I working frantically trying to find the funds to get him his manual chair as a surprise to give him after he makes his lap/s at your park. This would be a birthday dream celebration come true to enjoy with family, friends, and a love of racing with Atlanta Motorsport Park…..

James dream came true, he got his ride in his car for a few laps, then he got a ride with Zeke who is also in a wheel chair. Zeke is pretty quick in that Volvo.