Improvements at AMP!

LATEST IMPROVEMENTS @ Atlanta Motorsports Park:

  • Paved kart track access road
  • Paved run off zones on kart track – makes for a safer kart track and the ability to continue to drive and not get stuck or stall
  • Made a “super B” loop – Basically you make a U-turn and go back down the hairpin and back up when running concession karts
  • We added a chicane on the concession loop to make more interesting
  • Moved the fuel station and paved in front of it for better access
  • Paved down cold pits less gravel
  • Added curbing back in on kart track where removed to fix “dip”
  • Raised curbing on main track dip where fixed
  • New member announcement board new temp clubhouse
  • Live scoring and timing for races and kart races on AMP web site

Improvements happening right now:

  • Skid pad
  • Ice Hill – Google Porsche Ice Hill and watch video for an understanding
  • Hanging and activating the lights at the Start/Finish line on the Kart Track

Improvements pending very soon to be announced:

  • Clubhouse
  • Pool
  • Play area for the kids with race track outline
  • Sport court
  • 40 new garages 30 of which are leased
  • Garages below the clubhouse all but 6 leased
  • IP camera to watch races at AMP from web site
  • Paint run off zones blue and silver
  • Repaint all curbs

Stay tuned as progress is announced!