HPDE hosted by Forged Performance

Atlanta Motorsports Park HPDE hosted by Forged Performance

From their website:

Atlanta Motorsports Park in Dawsonville, Georgia has again proved to be one of the most technical tracks to master. AMP is quickly making a name for itself due to the dramatic elevation changes, technical layout, and sharp corners. This past weekend, Forged Performance hosted a two day High Performance Driver’s Education event open to all types of cars and drivers of varying skill levels. Given that 90% of the attendees had never laid eyes on this new circuit, Sharif began the day with a very detailed driver’s briefing while spending extra time cautioning everyone on the track’s key features Our hauler was a popular spot to hydrate and say cool throughout the day. AMP’s facilities are improving on a daily basis but I am thankful they put their money where it initially matters most: The Track!

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