Inaugural Endurance Karting Report


The Inaugural 6 Hour Endurance Kart Race is now in the books.

Absolutely awesome day at Atlanta Motorsports Park in mostly wet conditions. Drivers got their PhD in kart control battling the drastic elevation changes. Congrats to the Karting for kids team on the win and all the teams for a great show!

Endurance Karting held their inaugural 6-hour event at Atlanta Motorsports Park this past weekend. Although a wet track was used all weekend long, the 20 teams that raced on Saturday fought through it, even with slick tires. Out of the 20 teams entered, participants ranged in experience from life-long karters and Grand-Am drivers to the ‘Average Joe’ racer with little experience. Teams traveled from Alabama, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Georgia, and even out of the country, from Mexico! AMP is a well-known and world-class racing facility. Endurance racers ran on a slick .8 mile track with 43 degree incline/decline – the most of any kart track in the world.

Activities started out on Friday afternoon with practice where drivers unfamiliar with the course could learn and seasoned drivers could polish up on their skills. Saturday morning started out with teams setting up their pit stall, where drivers not on track could eat, rest and cheer on their teammate. Around 8 AM, team managers were chosen each team was able to draw for one of Endurance’s many 13 hp real racing karts. Each team had 40 minutes to make their best effort at a qualifying run before the race.

Once teams chose their first driver, they got suited up and lined their karts up on grid. When the green flag was displayed, the drivers, who were standing across from their kart on the opposite side of the track, would run across the track to their karts and take off in what’s known as a ‘Le Mans’ start, in honor of the famous starts of the old Le Mans races.

Fortunately no accidents occurred, aside from the occasional spin from a wet racing surface. To be scored at the end of the race, all teams had to make at least 15 pit stops. Pit stops could be used for re-fueling and/or driver changes.

The six hours ended just before dusk, when awards were given out. The race included four weight/skill classes, among the 20, 3-6 member teams.

Winning Teams:

  • GT PRO was won by “Racing For Kids”, in which all donations would be donated back to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. This team ran 259 laps, with a best of about 1:17/lap.

  • GT Semi-Pro was won by team name “Anonymous”

  • GT40 was won by team “Soggy Bottom Boys”

  • And finally GT BB was taken by “Team AMP”, made up of the employees of AMP that maintains the public kart track during normal operations.

Endurance Karting would like to thank each and every participant and hope everybody had a ton of fun! We hope to do another event at AMP in the spring time. Our next event will be at the Daytona International Speedway for another 6-hour event in early February. For more information on participating in the next Endurance Karting event, please visit  or visit us on Facebook.

Remember, with Endurance, we provide karts, fuel, tires, suits, helmets, etc. Just show up and RACE!


A partial gallery of the event, most images courtesy of  Perry Herndon and

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A video of the action in the rain: