Awesome Bill From Dawsonville

AMP’s own Bruce Schonk:

“Great day at Atlanta Motorsports Park! Had the chance to be on the track with awesome Bill from Dawsonville & to drive a F430 Daytona…..not to mention tons of fun in the m3 on street tires slip sliding good time!”


Bruce is the man on the left….

Did you know Atlanta Motorsports Park was honored to have Bill Elliott, Chase Elliott, and Ernie Elliot @ AMP yesterday in a REAL NASCAR. Borla Exhaust designed an exhaust that is simple that makes the car only lose 15-20 HP on a 800 plus HP motor. The car was quieter than stock cars from the street! They have already sold 7-8 of them for other NASCAR cars to run @ AMP! Concerned you cant pass sound @ AMP… Well if that car can, ANYTHING CAN!