AMP’S Youngest Karter

From the father John O’Brien:

As a long time automotive enthusiast (drag racing, etc) I have always enjoyed introducing my son, Jack (currently 6 yrs old), to various forms of trucks, cars, racing, etc.  

It started out with the typical stuff, modified powerwheels jeep when 4 years old, an off-road go-kart at 5, etc. – great fun around the house – even as Amy (mother and wife) tried to slow down the fun.  

And of course, Jack always enjoyed going to go-kart tracks with me – but of course, I typically had to drive b/c he wasn’t old enough – and that always bummed him out or if he could drive they were simply too slow!

About a year ago ago I had an opportunity to enroll Jack into a half day kid’s karting class at Orlando Karting Center while visiting family and after that class (and after seeing how much FUN we BOTH had) I was hoping to find something similar in the Northern GA area.

Lo and behold, I found out AMP was opening a kart track and I knew at some point we were going to have to get involved.

At this point, we are just getting started and we are really in learning mode.   

We purchased Jack’s kid kart from TS Racing (thank Brett!) and hit the track for the first time on 11/17 while Amy was out of town on business (she will never leave us alone again!).

We hope to get one more practice day in next weekend before the end of the year chaos begins – and then hope to be out at the track more weekends in the Spring.

Not too be left out of the fun I am also considering my options for a kart (hey, Jack can’t have all the fun!) and most likely will get a 125cc TaG Kart before the Spring (it may also push out, in the short run, my need to order that Ariel Atom I want!)

For us I see joining AMP and getting involved with karting as all about having fun as a family.

While of course, I want Jack to improve as a driver and would love to see us compete at local track events, my main focus is spending quality time with Jack – and having tons of fun together in a safe environment like AMP.

Life is flying by too fast – and I am really looking forward to spending time out at AMP with Amy and Jack, meeting new friends, and creating new memories that I know will last a lifetime!

A gallery of John and Jack. Please click on the image to view:

We believe this is the beginning of many more young people involved at AMP!

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