AMP’s F1 Lighting / CCTV System – Inis

AMP is installing the most advanced system for lighting and CCTV in America for both the kart and car track.

 Some details from INIS:

  • Inis Lights – Most Permanent Installations in the World.
  • AMP Will be the First Kart Track in the US with the Lights Panel System – As Used at the 2012 CIK European Championships, (Quote: “The result = a stunning marshals light system which has been given the ‘thumbs up’ by all 16 on site CIK officials – including their top Technical Director.”)
  • Joining world Class Circuits & Series in investing in Safety Technology 

See the views below of the installation at other locations:

AMP’s control tower is going to have 17 plasma monitors to watch all corners with corner marshal.


See panel on the debris fence and CCTV tower


See the blue light to the right of the cars at LeMans


Example of the light here at Lucas Oil series