AMP Hires GM for the Kart Track

AMP is honored to announce hiring Jim Fry as the General Manager of the AMP kart track. AMP felt we could not have found a better leader to lead this world class kart track.
  On the Job!!

Jim has been racing karts since 1962, almost since the sport of karting started. He is retiring as an accomplished executive from Holder Construction Company as a Vice President and stepping into the GM role of the kart track.

At Holder Jim managed the construction of 4 & 5 star full service & luxury hotels / resorts thru-out the USA and Caribbean from December 1974 to December 2012.

Racing experience:

Fry Racing 1962 – 2012 (We are betting he won’t retire from racing… :) )

Experience in sprint, street and road racing.

Career highlights: 

  • 2008 eKartingNews Road Racer of the Year
  • 6 time WKA Roadracing National Points Champion
  • 1970 winner of the Purdue Grand Prix kart race
  • 1972-1977 raced Formula Super Vees and IMSA Sedans

Purdue University, Lafayette, IN B.S. – Building Construction, 1977