Mark Issa

Tell AMP about your vehicles, bikes, karts and collection?

Porsche GT3. I obtained my first track capable vehicle in 2005 which was an M3. I started to visit Road Atlanta and dreamed of being able to afford a Porsche. The dream became a reality when I purchased a 997 Porsche Turbo. Before long, I noticed all the GT3’s on the track and had to take a test drive. I was sold at “hello” and the rest is history…

Tell AMP about your driving experience, ok to have none!

I visit tracks as often as I can. It’s harder to convince myself to stay off the track than it is to get on. That’s when I realized, AMP wouldn’t just be a membership I wanted, it would be a membership I needed. Road Atlanta, Carolina Motorsports Park, Barber Motorsports Park, Nashville Super Speedway

What do you do for a living? Title? Company?

Owner of a Law Firm that specializes in Criminal Defense and Civil Litigation; The Issa Law Firm, P.C.

Where do you live, City and State?

Atlanta, Georgia

How will you use this membership? Business? Pleasure?

All the Above.. Is that an option? I hope to show my clients that the other extreme in my life is as enjoyable as the first. Going to trial with a live person by your side can be compared to very few things and I am constantly focused on how to be a better litigator. The track is the only thing that can get my mind off of it, and for just long enough to be recharged. Some people take their clients golfing, I will take them to the track.

Why did you join the club?

Joining AMP means I will be surrounded with other drivers who have similar interests and other families that support them. I never envisioned being a part of the racing culture but I have met some of my closest friends at the track. My best friend is also a member: Hector Rainey.

What do you like most about AMP?

My membership didn’t hinge on one thing and what “I like most” wasn’t sold or imagined. When you have a hobby that makes you forget about the stresses life brings and that you enjoy so much, being able to exercise it at a track designed with detail and facilities geared towards everyday people who love to drive, is an oasis in the daily desert of life. It’s fulfilling and exhilarating.

To other potential members!

Within the membership, it would be great to always have a friend at the track, whether you bring them with you or whether we sign up for the same track days. The track is always fun but it is even more fun when you have a friend to mix it up with. You often learn something too! Hugh Nunnaly, Michael Jenkins and Hector Rainey have all whooped me a time or two on the track, so I’m looking to put them in my rear view… Any helpers? :)

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