George Gamble

Tell AMP about your vehicles, bikes, karts and collection?

My current stable includes:

1984 512 BBi
2001 550 Maranello
2001 550 Barchetta
2004 Challenge Stradale
2006 F430 Spider
2008 599 GTB Series
 and S63 Mercedes.

Additional cars include:

1994 Mazda RX7 (track car)
2008 Lambroghini LP640
2006 Aston Martin DB9
2009 Corvette ZR1
2007 Maserati Quatra Porte
2008 Merecdes SUV

Tell AMP about your driving experience, ok to have none!

I have been to a couple of driving schools and enjoy
tracking my cars.

What do you do for a living? Title? Company?

I am curently retired and just enjoy life to the fullest.

What city or state do you reside?

I live in Pensacola FL.

How will you use this membership? Business? Pleasure?

Strictly pleasure!!!

What do you like most about AMP?

Location and the ability to do what I enjoy much more regularly.

Why did you join the club?

It’s a great opportunity to spend more time on the track and around people that enjoy the same things.