Duke Mowrer

Tell AMP about your vehicles, bikes, karts and collection?

Current is 08 BMW 335 twin turbo and 11 Tundra Past vehic’s: RX-7 Twin Turbo, (2)M3, (3)G35’s, Jag XK

Tell AMP about your driving experience, ok to have none!

Random track days, nothing special….They’re always telling me what I’m not allowed to do and that’s no fun.

What do you do for a living? Title? Company?

I am an independent Financial Advisor and I’ve been doing it for 18yrs. I have my own office with Turner Wealth Management, Owner

Where do you live, City and State?

Lake Lanier, GA

How will you use this membership? Business? Pleasure?

All of the above

Why did you join the club?

As a kid I was always around motorsports and at the track with my Dad. Now I have a reason to buy an Arial Atom.

What do you like most about AMP?

The Freedom it offers and No Cops or Speed Limits

To other potential members!

Think of all the Monies that you’ve spent on Golf, and trust me I love golf. But golf doesn’t even compare to driving a car fast.

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