Brian Hollis


Tell AMP about your vehicles, bikes, karts and collection?

2012 Mitsubishi Evo X – 1966 Potiac GTO Convertible – 1970 Pontiac GTO HO 455 – 1975 VW Scirocco SCCA – (2) Winston Cup Race Cars and more……..

Tell AMP about your driving experience, ok to have none!

Scott Siegel driving school. Little Taladega track days

What do you do for a living? Title? Company?

Boat Builder

Where do you live, City and State?

Lake Lanier in Gainesville , Ga.

How will you use this membership? Business? Pleasure?

Both business and pleasure!

What do you like most about AMP?

Jeremy Porter!  Jeremy is a great visionary and I’ve followed AMP from the very beginning!

Why did you join the club?

AMP is a great venue to drive your fast car without the hassles and worries of driving on public roads.



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