Member Update 9-26-12

Good morning,

The weather is cooling off and it is now perfect for spending time on the tracks. 


Socials, races, etc:

  • The member social was a blast! Our goal is to have some kind of social one time per month. We are considering some options for October like a Chili Cook Off or a Costume Party. Any suggestions?

  • We will be starting a garage war contest Q1 of next year. We will have a contest to choose who has the coolest or best garage and probably do that every 3 to 6 months. Details to follow.

  • We will start a member racing series next year and base it on NASA or SCCA rules. This will be an internal racing series.

  • We will be looking at starting a contest thanks to Frosty Tips (Matt Isbell) we just need to get a car. It will be a member in a reasonably priced car. Like a Fiat or Smart Car. We will put a roll cage in it. It will be fastest lap and most consistent lap times. Something like 3-5 total laps. At the end of the year if it goes as planned the winner will get the car! Everyone in the same car, no BS, just the car and the driver! We most likely will allow you to put on fresh tires and brakes if you want. Entry fee will probably be $250. Working on a car sponsor now.



  • We have 93 pump gas on site, near the blue containers by Massie garage, just come see one of us and we will fill your car or gas tanks up! Or see the guard shack attendant to have us called on the radio if you can’t find us.

  • We do have Sunoco drums of 93, 94 (AMP Super-Secret Blend), 98 and 110 race gas also for sale.


Kart track update:

  • KART TRACK IS OPEN!!!! Woo hoo! Please give us some grace to work out the details on this track.
  • Concession karts, 9hp racing chassis $20 per session – open to the general public.  We do parties, corporate events, etc.
  • Lighting system – we will be installing a caution lighting system on the kart track to help manage all the blind corners by the end of next month. Like the F1 lighting system, same system that is being installed on the big track.
  • Kart and gear prices from TS are still at the pre-opening price discounts. Email our in house GrandAM driver Bret Spaude for details and pricing. Also, we have a kart racing school that he leads.
  • We will have the kart track open any day the track is hot, be it a member day or non-member day where the big track has been rented out. We promised the kart members two weekend days per month and this is allowing many more than that with this format. Follow the main track schedule to have an idea of what days are open. Also, hours IF the track is open: M-F 10 to 5. Full track is open M-T entire day, W-F 10 to 3:00, Sat and Sun, 9 to 11 – unless it is a race day for the kart track, which it will be the entire track the entire weekend day – 9 to 5. Concessions will run W – F 3 to 6, Sat and Sun 11 to 5. Please remember that is subject to change if the kart track is rented out.


Housekeeping items:

  • Please do not leave cars or trailers here more than 24 hours without approval from Trip or Jeremy.
  • Please do not stand on the hot pit areas, near the debris fence, please keep behind the guard rail for safety concerns
  • If you are bringing more than 1-2 people as driving guests, please let Trip or me know or we might have ten members show up with 3-4 people and it bottle necks other members. Also, please make sure the guests pay. We want to continue to improve the club and guest fees help us do just that!
  • Missing member updates or want to look at an old one? Go to: and amp4me is the password
  • Please remember no fuel stored in your garages unless in a fire gas safe!
  • We have a source for Fire extinguishers at a discount. You need one in your garage per the fire marshal. John McCollum suggested we get a source for the members to get a discount. 10 pound ABC fire extinguisher for $72.00 each – and then there were 20 pound BC fire extinguisher for $122.00 each. WANT ONE? Email: Brett Beaver
  • Wi-Fi in the clubhouse, password is on the top of the router in the corner on the subwoofer
  • Fair Warnng!! – Traffic in the fall is very, very heavy going north on 400, and turning West on 53 is almost impossible.  If you do come 400N then go straight past the 53 intersection and then u-turn or cut through the restaurant access road to get to Hwy53.  Alternative to 400 is Hwy9 north.


Sound or noise:

  • Exhaust solutions: and pictures of solution:
  • SOUNDS STUDIES – SOUND PROCESSES – People have asked about our processes with sound meter testing. We have paid to have three independent studies done. The last being a company in Berlin that all F1 tracks use. We have $75,000 meters and they are extremely accurate in all weather conditions. We measure at 50 feet from the track edge, either side of the track, at 98 db A weighted. We have less expensive meters at the corner marshal stations but those are ONLY to alert control of a possible issue with a car. That car must pass the expensive meter not the hand held to be pulled off the course if they are over the limit. What effects sound? Weather, rain, humidity, cloud cover, air/fuel mixture, your driving level, your driving line, your shift points, your confidence that day, revving the car or bike higher in or out of a certain area.


Run group communication:

  • People have asked why do you not have a PA system? We are not allowed per our zoning conditions in the city regulations. PA’s have to be louder than the race cars and bikes so it compounds the noise issues. Also, rarely can you understand what a PA is even saying. Adopting the FM broadcast system will work and give you a clearer message. We are looking at getting some radios to have on site to sell people or you can buy a radio like this one: radio&cp=1&lp=1
  • We communicate what is going on during the day on 88.7 on your radio dial.
  • CONTROL TOWER SIGNS: Bruce Roch came up with a great idea on run groups. Thank you Bruce! On the control tower we will have the signs we have always had, but the signs on the left side of the tower (Divide the railing in half) will be the current run group. The signs on the right will be the next run group. So if the left sign has a 1 that is novice only currently on the track. If it has a 2 and 3, that is intermediate and advanced running on the track together in one group. Another example, if the sign on the left is a 1 that is novice run group on track, and the signs on the right are 2 and 3, that means 2 and 3 are up next both running in the same group. Or it could be 2 and 3 on the left which are on track currently and 1 squared on the right, that means. intermediate and advanced is on the track, and 2 wheel is going out next. Or it could be the new all bike skill levels which is just a large “B”. We have added a sign below the next run group, called NEXT to show which ones are next.
  • We are creating a new sign called “ALL” – that is like the B sign for two wheel guys, that means all groups run together.


Run group sign key below:


NEXT: Means the group that is on track next. This can changed if a group leaves, the signs will be changed to show it. Listen to your radios for that announcement.


4 wheel

1 on the sign means – novice – 4 wheel

2 on the sign means –  intermediate – 4 wheel

3 on the sign means – advanced   – 4 wheel


2 wheel

1 squared with a 2 in the upper left corner on the sign means –  novice

2 squared with a 2 in the upper left corner on the sign means – intermediate

3 squared with a 2 in the upper left corner on the sign means –  advanced


Slow low driver / rider count days:

ALL on the sign means – All levels of 4 wheel run groups together

B on the sign means – All levels of 2 wheel run groups together



  • We currently have three people on the AMP Club Board, Tom Darling Donna Lanzillotti Lee and Michael Hurst  
  • Per the bi-laws we will be adding more members after 90 days of the first year of operation. Our goal is to add those additional members quicker than that timeline. These are your people you can go to about ideas, questions, or concerns!


Reciprocity memberships:

  • Please note we do have reciprocity memberships. Miller Motorsports Park has removed themselves from the Track Link reciprocity agreement. Others may still come aboard, others may leave. We have no rumors of any others leaving at this time. We have no control of who leaves the agreement since it is an opt out at your own choice.


AMP Construction updates:

  • We are going to be cutting out the “jump” in turn five, the bump in between turn 7 and 8, filling in the dip at 11, and filling in the dip between turn 14 and 15 in the next 30 days. Stay tuned.
  • We have received the permit for the septic system and the system is being priced out now. Also, the pumps for the water were being installed the week before last and a rock jammed the well shaft, we are waiting on the well company to come back and drill or knock the rock out of the way.
  • Motorized entrance gates should be installed in the next few weeks
  • Garages are nearing completion, we will have paving around them and connect the loop (Mirror image of the other loop around the other garages to pit out) to pit in.
  • The F1 caution lighting system and CCTV system if the schedule is met will be in by the end of next month for both the kart and car track.!/media/set/?set=a.10151005711338321.409755.96045493320&type=1


Rules update:

  • If your headlights on your car are glass (mainly older cars have glass, newer ones have plastic) please tape them with an “X” with the blue painters tape, all bikes must have glass headlights, and mirrors taped with an “X”. We have a clear long term protective film source have a source that is inexpensive, please email to get the details.


Caffeine and Octane (Amazing car show):

  • We had a great corral of AMP members @ C and O, interested in going and a spot saved for you? Email





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