Member Update 8-23-12

Team AMP:

Good afternoon. Another great month @ AMP. I truly feel honored to have so many great members and the interest and
continual sales and progress @ AMP. This is because of each member on this list, so thank you.


Member socials or events:


Labor day:
Labor day cookout at Alicia and Zek garage Sept 1st 5:00 pm, bring coolers, food, grills, etc, invite a friend / non-member
if you would like


Member grand opening / appreciation event:
VERY IMPORTANT, ALL MEMBERS PLEASE MAKE THIS EVENT – Member appreciation date is set for the 15th of Sept
from 1 to 6, this is a member only date, we will have light foods, wine/beer, bouncy houses, etc for kids and short 15 min
clinics on safety, driving, set up, tires, etc. We will have kart test rides for no charge, short sessions, once everyone gets
through a session, may have a second or more sessions, cadet kart 8-12 years old, Yamaha 100 cc, and for experienced
people a X30 125 cc kart. This offer is for AMP members only to keep the numbers lower.


AMP Corral at Caffeine and Octane Car Show Sept 2nd:
Join your fellow members for the inaugural AMP Corral at Caffeine and Octane on Sunday, September 2. This show
draws 700+ cars each month with the best of Atlanta coming out. We will have our own area blocked off for you to
park together and show off your cars. TS Racing will have race karts on display along with Velocity Motorsports
Ferrari F430 and new 911. The parking lot fills up before 8:00 am, so we need to arrive early. Cars typically begin
to leave around 10:30. Email for details and to confirm your space with the group.


Cool items:
Do you want your name above the garage? Most members are moving forward with this and the price on the signs
was $150 w/o installation. We will do the installation for free, and I have gone back to the sign company and asked
for a discount if we buy a group of them at one time. Prices are: 30 @ $ 140.00 each, 40 @ $ 130.00 each, 50 @
$ 125.00 each. Email Patti Huxford
Want a large track map like the one in the clubhouse for your house or garage? 4×8’ $300, 2×4’ $105, or 1×2’ $50
We have a supplier that offers garage lifts that are AMP branded and AMP color blue, NOT the dangerous Chinese
made lifts. For pricing or info contact Bob Forbes


General updates:
ALL GARAGES LEASED! TWO pending deposits, if we don’t have the deposits in 5 days those will be open. Interested,
tell me and I will put you on the waiting list. If you want one in the next phase of 40 units, get one now! Sign your
yearly waiver and you don’t have to sign in each time you arrive, must be notarized, get a form at the office. We have
the member cards, if you don’t have one stop by the sales center to get one. We will have a swiper at the gate for you
to swipe in the in future. Store your race trailer with us, less than most people are paying now at their current storage


Tire storage:
We have one set of wheel and tire, brake pad storage for $50 per month one time swap of tires per month included,
and $15 each time in that month if past the first free time


Kart track update:
Karting school starting at $235 for a half and $395 for full day programs, multiple day schools available. If interested
in a karting membership, please ping us now, prices will go up again when it is finished or right after opening sometime.

Still have discounts on the racing karts and parts with TS Racing. Interested –


Clubhouse updates:
We have WIFI in the clubhouse, and password is Amp007
Satellite TV is hooked up so you can have get togethers for watching races if anyone has interest in setting up those
events, ping me.
Radio is on the 88.7 so you can hear announcements of run groups inside the club house and speakers are on both
decks so you can hear announcements on the decks
Decks on the temp clubhouse are open – Thanks to Brandon Powell @ Powell Carpentry
they do decks, remodels, kitchens and such, great quality and fair prices.
Krug coffee maker In the kitchen area for the members.
Frozen washcloths are in the freezer on the deck and inside the freezer in the kitchen to use cool off after a hot run.
Air compressor is along pit road by the clubhouse, as requested by a member!
Clubhouse is being decorated by White Interiors, this will include a kids room, meeting
room, etc, please support them if you need furniture, decorating, etc. Great group of people


AMP Employee update
We are proud to announce Trip Campbell as AMP’s new GM. Trip has shown dedication, attention to detail and care
for AMP so we have offered him this leadership position. Thank you Trip for the hard work! Congrats!


Driving school:
David Murry driving instruction with him personally, four people total, Sept 11th, $500 each, and two spots left.
Members ask a lot if someone would right seat with them, or we need volunteer instructors for these taste of the
track events. Have any interest? Please email


On track rules:
Point By- Make sure arm is completely out of window pointing left and over the top of the roof for passing on the right.
Remember to lift off the gas when allowing the pass.
See the rules and regs for the additional updates:

If you see another member struggling, driving erratic, etc please notify an AMP staff member
For drivers 16 and 17 years of age, an instructor sign off is required. Drivers 15 years of age are eligible only with
SCCA, NASA, Skip Barber, NASCAR, ARCA official sign off. To ride in the right seat, children under 18 must have
BOTH adults sign a waiver, kids under 16 are not allowed, period.


Please help us protect the club and your investment. We have had a member come on a day that was not theirs,
not get a driving band, and then get someone to give them their driving band. If caught that person will be charged
$250, that will count as their two optional dates for the fiscal year and their membership will be frozen for 30 days,
second time they will lose their membership.

Someone backed into the side of one of the garages. If you notice you have done this, please come and tell us, and we
will get it fixed and pass along the bill. It is an honor system. We might have CCTV systems in the future to watch for
this but this is your club, please notify us if this happens


Fuel on site:
We will have fuel on site, four 560 gallon tanks, SUNOCO 93, 100 and 110 octane, we will also have 93 premium none
race gas as well. Sunoco has given us this fueling station and a nice amount of gas as a sponsor and the preferred gas


Construction updates:
Kart track is being finished paving today! Final grading next week, and then grassing and tires, guard rail next. We
will have the gates motorized with the gate openers in the next few weeks that you can purchase for after hours
access or closed / cold days access. Price is going to be $45 each, email for the clickers.

Garages will be finished 9/29/12, next phase once we have about 20 of the 40 leases, then that will be started


New sponsors:
Magnum Collision Repair is a new sponsor of AMP. They fix many exotics for the major dealers in town, do great
work and are respected in the industry. If you have an incident at AMP. They have preferred rates for our members. Ask for Mike the owner

Thank you all and God speed,



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