Member Update 11-18-12

JUST IN TIME FOR THE HOLIDAYS……..AMP gift certificates and events


  • F1 Lighting is in and we are using.  Feedback has been very positive.
  • CCTV system will be complete within a matter of days.

We believe you will find this system to be something that sets you, as a member of AMP, apart from your peers in
the world of driving courses, track events and country clubs.  We are 1 of only 2 tracks in the country to have
brought up this sophisticated, leading-edge system, designed for maximum safety and efficiency in operating a
road course track.  We do want you to stop by the race control tower and take a look at the system when you have
a few minutes.  It will definitely give you some bragging rights!!


Just in time for the holidays…..

  • Plan your next holiday party, corporate event, or family get together with us at the kart track for an awesome 
    day of racing!! It is guaranteed to create long lasting memories!!
    • Birthday parties and group outings start at $45 and include karting sessions, a gathering room, and
      we can provide drinks/food from simple to catered affairs.
    • Corporate events start at $99 and include private kart track rental, Grand Prix or Endurance races
      and team building events, a gathering room, and we can provide catered drinks/food from
      simple to elaborate.
    • Please Click to view the flyer for additional information on events.


  • Also….we are now offering gift cards for the holidays!  Send a friend, loved one, or employee for an
    unforgettable day at the track!
    • Racing rental kart session gift certificates from $20.  A series of 5 for an individual is $90.  50mph!!
    • Kart Race Schools in TS Racing 100cc karts start at $235 for ½ day up to $395 for a full day.  80mph!!
    • Main car track packages are $500 for a full day on the track, with an instructor for the first ½ of the day. 
      They do have to bring their own car.

Contact Kristen for more details at  or 404-226-5741.  She can help you customize a
package to suit your needs whether it be events or gift certificates. 


PUMPKIN LAUNCH – We have decided to forego the Turkey Launch as we believe a better use for food is to donate to a
local food bank.  We would like to give a try at pumpkin launching.  Would like to see if a couple of you are interested in
giving this event a try.  All you have to do is bring a pumpkin and a manpowered launcher (no gas, electric, propane, etc.!!).
Please let me know.  It would be Saturday afternoon (11/24) at about 4:30 or 5:00 when the track goes cold for the evening.


NIGHT OF LIGHTS – We are definitely moving forward with the planning for this event on December 15th from
4:30pm-6:30pm.  And you need to start thinking about how to decorate your garages, cars, karts, or anything else
you choose to decorate.  We will have warm drinks for all ages and hors d’oeuvres and sweets.  We will have special
crafts and treats for the kids.  And who knows what we will come up with as the prize for the best in show, Griswold
hall of fame, most creative……..


All other things are falling nicely into place.

  • The water and septic is done and the new bathrooms are open and working.
  • All new garages are complete. 
  • Additional paving is being done as weather allows.
  • The kart track is getting more and more activity.  If you want to be a kid for an hour or two go give that a try!!
  • The Time Trials series is moving forward and planned to begin December 15th.  More details to follow.

Many Blessing on you and your family this Thanksgiving holiday.  And may you be safe in your travels. 



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