Member Update 11-06-12


We are going to start a time trial race at AMP for any type car, from street to race cars and bikes.
(Thanks Bruce Roch…)    And give us grace with this!   It is our first series and we want to get it
started and work out the details in this winter series.  It will be one time per month, with the goal of
starting  Dec 15th with a four race series ending March 15, 2013.  All of  this is CONTINGENT upon
response to this email!   Jason Plante is going to be our race director. 


For questions call or email Jason @ 678-546-3133.  We will
provide trophies for each event, and then a Winter Series Champion for each class.  We will start it
over again in April for the summer series.  You will have to buy or rent a transponder to get the times
and your car must be tech’d.   The entry fee is $100 per race or $350 for all four races.


We are going to use NASA rules for time trails.  Please see the links below.  Cars will be classified by
power, weight, tires used, etc.  The entire system is listed in these links below.



We would like to get your thoughts on a one design or spec car we would use and promote at AMP. 
Basically – What would you like to see as an arrive and drive?  Show up,  jump in the car, race, get
out, hang with the friends and go home?  Autobahn for example has over 100 Miata’s that race there
on the member race weekend.


These are the prices below on each car.  Tires, maintenance, brakes, wear and tear are of course based
on each car’s requirements.


Please give us your thoughts on which car you would be interested in purchasing and running in a spec
series unless you just want to run in the time trial in your current car.



  • Invite a member to AMP!  3% referral is still in effect ONLY if you email us that you are inviting a
    person before they show up at AMP.
  • Please use combination locks on your garages, it is easier for you if you forget your key, for us, etc.
  • 5 Time World Champion kart racer from Italy will be at AMP the 9th, 10th and 11th.  You as a kart
    member can come to the clinics for free.  Invite a friend with their kart or yours for only $50 for each
    day they drive.
  • Water and septic is in!  Showers, bathrooms at the end of the new garages are open.  They are heated and
    have AC in them.  We have not turned on the water in the older garages yet.  We are trying to get
    keys/combinations to all units first.  We will open all units and make sure there are no leaks when we turn
    on the water for the first time.
  •  F1 caution lighting system is in, and we are fine tuning it.  Panel placement is still in process, the more
    directly pointed the light panel at the race line and level, the brighter and more effective they are in their
    job.  Some of them, due to our elevation changes, need the brackets re-welded to point them down or up
    based on their location.
     That will be done next week.  CCTV and fiber is going in over the next few weeks.
  • Paving started on the garages and stopped due to the cold weather. The fixing of the bumps and dips on
    both tracks has been postponed until we get a little warmer weather. Polymer asphalt needs warmer temps
    or it will come right back up.

We do appreciate each of you and your support of AMP.  Please let us know if you have questions or need any information.


God speed…


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