Karting Member Update 11-21-12

AMP Kart Track Members,


Sorry for the number of e-mails, but I wanted to give you an update on the happenings at the AMP kart track in addition to our paving.  First a big thank you to all the members that attended our November Danilo Rossi event.  It was a huge success with practice races on ‘A’ and ‘B’ tracks.   For many that was your first taste of competition on a kart track.  And you are to be commended for good clean safe driving.  I know we learned a lot.  Next time we will do a better job of lining up our corner workers and we will have an ATV w/trailer to pick up your disabled kart.  The corner lights are now all in and operational and the CCTV should be complete this week.  We gave you the update on this F1 style system in our newsletter to the members, but needless to say we are very excited about this additional safety measure.


With the completion of the paving, our next activity will be to install an office trailer in the lower paddock and complete the power to the kart track.  There will be several 110voutlets for your use.  The office can be used by the members for changing into your uniforms or just used for warming up from that morning chill.  In addition we will use the office for the public rental kart registration and as a classroom for the TSRacing Speed Schools.  Which, by the way a gift certificate for one of the TSRacing Speed Schools is a great idea for a Christmas stocking stuffer.  Take your kart driving ability to the next level!


Our next member karting event is Saturday, December 8th.  Providing the weather cooperates we will have controlled practice and have practice races similar to what we did this month.  We will skip a formal event in January, but if the weather allows we will start our 2013 racing season in February.  Do not forget to get your Black Friday specials at TSRacing (http://www.tsracing.com/) including those Vega tires which will be mandatory at our 2013 races.  You can find the exact size and compound required for your class on the TSRacing Atlanta site at:




Happy Thanksgiving to all.  We hope to see you this weekend.  We will be open for member practice on Friday, from 11-5 PM and Saturday & Sunday from 9-5 PM.


See you at the track,


Jim Fry

AMP Kart Track GM


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