Member Update 01-07-13

I trust that each of you have a great holiday season with family and friends and that 2013 proves to be a very good year.  At AMP we are looking for 2013 to be year of only getting better and making a lot of progress toward finishing our vision of country club designed specifically for those with a love of anything motorized.  I think we can do that.  Our first 8 months of operation have been fun, challenging, inspirational to say the least.



    • All garages are currently leased.  If you are interested in the next phase please see staff.  A $500 deposit and signed lease will put you on the waiting list.  We will probably begin build out on the next phase prior to summer of this year.  The garages lease for $350 per month each single unit. 
    • If you choose to build out your garage space please forward a copy of your contractor’s insurance, bonding, and license prior to beginning any work.  And there is a 10% fee, payable by the contractor to AMP for all work completed on premises.  Please be sure your contractor is aware of that fee and provide us with a final copy of the invoice.  We will bill the contractor for the fee.
    • We do have trailer parking, kart storage & maintenance, wheel and tire storage & exchanging.  Please contact AMP for information on any of these services.
    • Car Maintenance is on-site for both short and long term projects.
    • Our members do get discounts with Butler Tire through AMP’s relationship with them. 


    • We would love to have you bring friends, clients, neighbors, family out for a guest day on the main circuit.  We can arrange lunch for you, as well as instructors as needed for new drivers.  Guest fees and instructors will be applicable.  Please let AMP know if you have questions about bringing guests to your Club.


    • CRAZY, FUN, EXHILARATING, STRESS RELIEVING!!  Just to name a few.  Here are a couple of quotes from our members who took the plunge into karting.
      • Garth Tagge: “ I have been a High Performance enthusiast all my life. For decades, I have operated cars, boats, motorcycles – pretty much everything besides planes and submarines – at extreme speeds. How is it that it took me 57 years to discover the thrill and exhilaration of carting?

“Better late than never, I suppose. I now split my time fairly evenly between carting and my other motorsports interests. The blistering acceleration and significant g-forces experienced when navigating the cart track challenge my driving skills. And I like the physical aspect of carting. It’s one heck of a work out. Bang for the buck, it may be the most thrilling vehicle in the motorsports world. 

“I suppose I always thought carting was “just for kids”. Man it’s cool to grow young again!”


  • Jeff Price:  “I am really enjoying the Karting membership.  I had always heard that driving a high performance Kart, like the DR tag or shifter, was exciting, but the experience was far better than I expected. The speed, lateral g’s and required reaction time coupled with the elevation change and blind turns on the AMP karting circuit well exceeded my expectations. Of course I had to go with the shifter Kart, but the Tag was nearly as quick.

“The Karting is a great complement to the Road Course and I am hoping some of the expected reaction time improvements earned in the Kart translate to the Car.  I am accustom to driving a 800 HP Z06 fully prepared by MTI for my track events at AMP, Road Atlanta, Daytona, Barber, Roebling and others so the bar was high for the Karting to measure up on the adrenalin scale. If any fellow members or potential members are on the fence,  I would be glad to share my thoughts!


    • If you are looking for ways to show your employees and customers they are recognized and appreciated we have the perfect venue for you – CORPORATE KARTING EVENTS & SPEC MIATA MAIN CIRCUIT EVENTS.  Prices start as low as $99 per person. 
    • And we have KART RACING SCHOOLS in AMP/TSR karts starting at $325.  And I can speak personally to how much fun this is and how much you will learn in a very short period of time.
    • Please contact me or and we can discuss all the options with you.


  • REGULAR AND RACE GAS AVAILABLE ON SITE AT COMPETITIVE PRICING.  Please see any staff member and we can take care of you. 
  • Jeremy is selling a Spec Miata with pro built motor and a shifter kart.  Please contact for more information.


As we are moving through the cold, winter months we have consolidated the schedules somewhat to maximum members on any given day.  All tracks are consistently slower in the winter months.  We will add days to the schedule as the weather warms up.  Spring and Summer will be very enjoyable at AMP this year.  All of the efforts that have gone into the grounds and landscaping will be very apparent as the weather warms this year.


And a lot of you have asked about our plans for the Member Club House, pool, kart track garages, etc.  Economy permitting we do plan to break ground this year on the Club House, pool and first phase of kart track garages. 


Please let me, or any other AMP staff member know, if you have questions, concerns, suggestions.


God speed…


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