Light Support

For Randy and whoever…


Here is a gallery of construction pictures I pulled out of the area where we are placing the light support.


The area seems to be back filled behind the erosion control basket wall. We have no idea of the strength
of the wall where we are placing the concrete support for the light.


By drilling two holes overlapping, reinforced and acting as one unit, we counter the overturning moment
of the steel support. The concrete structure should? settle evenly on what is not compacted dirt or at least
not slide down the hill toward the track.


I hate to keep beating this drum, but this is the worse place we could have chosen to hang this light, so
let’s make the best of it. The light only weighs 80 lbs. or so, but it is hanging out 20′ and the steel is okay
to go out to 30′ +-.


What should have been a simple project is not. Please Randy, on any future things like this, involve me
early. I don’t seem to be listened to often, but I spent 30+ years of my life working with less than ideal
cases involving steel structures and dealing with problems that others walked away from. If I don’t know,
I will tell you…