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 Kart Storage - Members Only


AMP will offer storage for Member Karts at a monthly rate and a “racking fee.” This service will offer the driver the ability to call ahead and have their kart ready to run, including gas and tires aired on the hot pits. Once the driver is finished driving, the kart will be cleaned and bolts will be checked and tightened. Any maintenance or repairs will be offered and approved by the owner at an additional charge.


Monthly charge of $75 or Year fee of $750

Racking/Unracking, each incident:

  • Option 1 - Kart is waiting for you $25. All kart preparations performed by owner
  • Option 2 - Kart is prepped with 1 gallon of mixed fuel, tire pressures set, and kart and engine inspected $55

All prices subject to change

Kart Rentals - High Performance - Members, Guests & Public

High quality racing Karts will be offered  for your rental. This will give you an opportunity to
test drive and gain skills prior to purchasing your own Kart if you choose to. There are requirements
to advancing to higher powered Karts and if you are new to Karting, we recommend you start on the
Lower  powered  Rental karts  prior  to  moving  up to  the  higher  powered  Karts. 


 Expert/TAG -
125cc Kart Packages - Please call (678) 381-8527 for pricing
Pricing Per SessionNumber of Sessions
$651 - 10 Minute Session
$1753 - 10 Minute Sessions
$2805 - 10 Minute Sessions
$4552 Hours
$6303 Hours
$7306 Hours


 A crash damage waiver must be signed and a $250 deposit is required for  Expert/TAG rentals

To progress from Public Rentals , drivers must show exceptional skill, control and no rough driving. This will be approved by the Kart Track General Manager Slade Westbrook.

Drivers will be allowed to move to TAG  for a higher fee and stay there if they continue to show exceptional skill and control and no rough driving. If they do not comply they will be pushed all the way back down to the 9hp karts and must start the cycle all over again. This process promotes safe driving and respect for the equipment, reducing the potential for damage. 

All prices subject to change

For more information please contact

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