HPDE hosted by Forged Performance

July 28 -29, 2012 Event

Atlanta Motorsports Park in Dawsonville, Georgia has again proven to be one of the most technical tracks to master.
AMP is quickly making a name for itself due to the dramatic elevation changes, technical layout, and sharp corners.
This past weekend, Forged Performance hosted a two day High Performance Driver’s Education event open to all
types of cars and drivers of  varying skill levels. Given that 90% of the attendees had never laid eyes on this new
circuit, we began the day with a very detailed driver’s briefing while spending extra time cautioning everyone on the
track’s key features Our hauler was a popular spot to hydrate and say cool throughout the day. AMP’s facilities are
improving on a daily basis but we are thankful they put their money where it initially matters most: The Track!

Unlike some of our other events, this program was open to all makes, models, and driver skill levels and the more
experience drivers were always willing to offer some tips and advice throughout the day.


Most importantly, we all had more track time than we could consume and are looking forward to returning again soon.


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