Please Read: Atlanta Motorsports Park rules & Regulations

How many memberships will be sold?
There is no absolute number – capacity depends on the mix of memberships that will utilize the road course. We will not oversell memberships.


How safe is AMP ?
We have designed this circuit to be as safe as a road circuit can be made. We will have excessive run-off room, instead of concrete barriers or we will utilize ARMCO when the space allows. We will also have asphalt runoff as the budget allows. 


Can I finance my membership?
Yes, there are financing packages available after the founding memberships are sold. Please contact the membership team @ membership@atlantamotorsportspark.com


Can I purchase a corporate membership?
Yes, we have customizable packages available with or without a sponsorship or advertisement component.


Can I upgrade my membership?
Yes, for the difference in the initiation fees based on the current or market member prices.


What is the guest policy?
We will allow guests at the facility and passengers in the car. The passenger must sign a waiver and wear the proper safety gear. The driver must be approved to have guests in the vehicle (No beginners with passengers). You can cycle as many guests in and out of the passenger seat for no fees, also, there is no limit to how many times that person can come per year. If they drive, there is a $250 charge per guest per day and they can only qualify as a driver guest two (2) two times per 12 month period.


I don’t have any experience, can I purchase a membership?
Absolutely, 75% of our members have never been on a driving circuit. We will offer driver training for new and experienced drivers. Those beginner drivers will be on the circuit by themselves with driving instructors in their vehicles or watching from the tower or pit lane. 


What if I am interested in membership at AMP, but I do not race?
Most of our members are motorsports enthusiasts, not racers, so you will be in good company. 


I would like to keep a car on site. Can I reserve a long-term garage now?
Yes, we are taking deposits on the rental garages and they are going quickly. It is a $500 deposit for a 12.5 by 30 foot garage. That garage is $350 per month, including utilities for the first two years. We are now in our third phase of garages, so if interested, they are almost gone after out first quarter of operating.


What are the rules of etiquette’ regarding generally accepted driving behavior on the driving circuit?
The corner workers will monitor the drivers on the circuit, the members will hold other members accountable through communication. We will provide all the details to the new members with track rules and driving rules.  


Are there car. motorcycle and kart noise limitations at AMP?
Yes, the limit is 98 db at 50 feet from track edge, inside and outside for cars and motorcycles, 92db for karts. We have inexpensive add-ons at AMP to help you meet the limit if exceeded.


Is passing/overtaking in a corner considered unacceptable aggressive driving?
Contingent upon the driving skill or the run groups, we will allow “point by” passing in the corners.


How will the members know in advance (with enough time to plan a weekend trip or outing with out of town guests) which circuit(s) configuration will be used on what days?
We will have the schedule 90 days out.


Can I store a set of road-circuit “stickies/stickers” wheels/tires at the facility without renting a full garage? If so, is there a service to have them installed on the car prior to driving on the circuit and removed once I am done?
Yes, we offer this service and storage.


Is this an equity or investment deal?
No, these memberships are not securities or investments into AMP. 


Transfer of memberships?
Yes, the Diamond and Platinum are transferable for the current memberships. The future memberships will NOT be transferable, so take advantage of the current features and benefits given to earlier members. See membership agreement.


Term of membership?
50 years, that 50 year time frame restarts when the membership is transferred.


Run groups?
Dependent upon the members that show up that day, we will either have run groups, or if all advanced we will not have run groups. So either groups base on skill and car performance or all combined with no run groups if the skill level and amount of members that show are a lower number. 


Time on the circuit?
10:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Thursday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Friday through Saturday with a modified schedule on Sunday to be respectful of local churches.


Who will run the club?
A professional and proven management team will run the club, this team is known for being one of the top five operating teams running a driving circuit in the US.


Can I see the usage agreement or by laws?
Yes, please contact the membership department @ membership@atlantamotorsportspark.com or 678- 381-8527


What type of vehicle can I drive?
Can I drive my Volkswagen Beetle, or any type of car or motorcycle? What types of vehicles do most members' own? Any automobile (except SUV's, trucks, or vans) or motorcycles can be driven as long as it passes a safety inspection. Most of our members will be driving, karts, superbikes, race cars, street legal cars from such as manufacturers and makes like: Mercedes Benz, BMW, Porsche, Ferrari, Lotus, Mustang, Corvettes, Miata’s, Toyota Supra, Mitsubishi Evolution, Shelby 1, Audi, and even a Mini Cooper S.