Member Race #3 – 3/9/14


Entry Fee is $125. Tech opens at 7:00, track is hot at 9:00, qualifying starts at 10:00, 1st race at 12:00, second at 2:00. Lunch is provided for the racers. Want to rent a car, only two left from OPM, hurry!

You can purchase a Miata or Spec E30 for around $8,000 to 12,000 full equipped with a roll cage, racing motor, shocks, etc.

The series is growing… Join in !!

Note that Glenn Stephens has two wins, Bruce Roche was bumped off the podium from the last Race and Eric Vassian dropped a spot! A skilled group , but come on out for the next race and BEAT THEM.

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A video from Glenn Stephens car in race #2:

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