Social Responsiblity



Atlanta Motorsports Park will utilize the latest technology and most environmentally responsible practices throughout the Park’s construction, and during its operation.

During development, Atlanta Motorsports Park commits to:

  • LEED certification of all applicable buildings
  • Regionally extracted, processed & manufactured materials, including certified wood
  • High albedo roofing to reduce heat absorption and minimize AC demand
  • Pre- and post-construction indoor air quality management
  • Solar powered fans for interior air movement
  • Energy saving appliances, outlets, and smart switch technologies
  • Maximizing open space to include conservation areas
  • A reclaimed water system that captures rainwater to irrigate landscaping and flush toilets
  • Waterless urinals wherever possible throughout the Park
  • Working towards diverting 50% of construction waste from landfills through recycling
  • A storm water management system that reduces environmental impacts

During operation, Atlanta Motorsports Park commits to:

  • Collection of recyclables - all paper, glass, aluminum, and motor oil from all operations at the park
  • Use products throughout the Park that contain post-consumer and pre-consumer recycled content
  • Invest in alternative energy vehicles, such as those that run on natural gas
  • Online membership registration and paperless statements to reduce waste
  • Restrict noise levels from the circuits by limiting decibel limits from all vehicles participating

Please Read: Atlanta Motorsports Park Circuit Rules



Good New Jobs-

  • Approximately 25 new jobs to support the motorsports country club
  • Additional new jobs created by shops, restaurants, lodges, and other uses

Millions in New Tax Revenue-

  • The initial project itself would bring in about a $4 million tax boost to the county in the next eight to 10 years,” Charlie Auvermann, Executive Director, Development Authority of Dawson County
  • Additional revenue will be generated by circuit-side homes, shops, restaurants, and lodging

Student Driver Safety Training Programs -

To teach high school students safe driving skills and help reduce the number of teenage driving deaths in Georgia -

Driver Training Programs for Law Enforcement -

Internship/Coop Programs for Lanier Tech School Students -

Open Community Events at the Park-

  • After-hours walking and bicycle time on the road circuit
  • Church events – open space for groups to hold worship services
  • Charitable events – space for local charities to hold fundraisers


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